MeiPAM | メイパム


Making Shodoshima shine.

The confusing network of village streets known as Maze Town dates back almost seven centuries, a remnant of a period when islanders needed to protect themselves from invaders and pirates. The temple Saikoji is located at its heart, testifying to the town’s former prosperity. We established the local company MeiPAM to develop museums, shops and cafés that revamp the area’s existing architecture and generate new value. MeiPAM projects are aimed at promoting the local culture while imparting a vitality that is distinct to Shodoshima. Our mission is to shine a light on the island’s charms by providing visitors with a moving experience that regenerates body and mind.

MeiPAM Business Content

  • ●Art (Yokai Art Museums)
  • ●Café (405 Café)
  • ●Sales of books and goods (Maze Town Bookstore)
  • ●Sales of candy, toys and goods (Mononoke-do)
  • ●Sales of gifts and local products (Shima Monoya)
  • ●Restaurant (Shima Meshiya)

Yokai Sculpture Contest

The Yokai Sculpture Contest has been held annually since 2013. Entries are submitted by people from many walks of life and are exceptionally creative. They include not only creatures that populate traditional folklore, such as ogres, kappa, and tengu, but also many new inventions. Some reflect aspects of contemporary society while others are derived from seemingly trivial and familiar aspects of daily life. The museum now has a collection of more than 800 of these works, each of which conveys a story. Exhibitions of selected works are displayed in Yokai Art Museum 4.

Deluxe Contest Jury

As leaders in their fields, the contest’s jury members bring to the selection process their unique and well-honed artistic sensibility. They include Teruhisa Kitahara (Director, Yokohama Tin Toy Museum), Shuichi Miyawaki (CEO, Kaiyodo Co., Ltd.), Suzue Miuchi (manga artist), Masami Suda (animation director, animator), and Takeshi Yoneda (sculptor), as well as the director of the Yokai Art Museums, Chubei Yagyu.

Taking yokai to the world: joint Japan-Taiwan contest

The popularity of yokai is increasing in Taiwan, where art has really taken off. To respond to this interest, the 4th Yokai Sculpture Contest was held simultaneously in Japan and Taiwan in 2017. The grand prize winner was a student of the National Taiwan University of Arts. Our vision for the various projects we are undertaking is to introduce Japanese yokai culture to the world. Hosting the contest in two countries simultaneously was a major step towards achieving that vision.