MeiPAM | メイパム



A new museum opens in the Maze town!

From today, the Setouchi Triennale 2019 has begun!

In addition to this, the “Maze Town” also opened the Specter Museum of Art 05.

A special exhibition “You E” was started by a student of the national Taiwan Art University.

With the theme of “Yokai”, the old building of the dining room which had been prosperous before

Taking advantage of the remnants of those days, four painting teams and eight multi-media teams

It made a wonderful work!

Depicting the legendary creatures of China on the Fusuma and Shoji that had been left

Cute Youkai modeling created by 3D printer

I exhibited it alongside the Japanese form in the house.

Download your own app on your smartphone, and hold on to the illustrations that have been decorated

Moving Youkai can be a collection.

Anyway, it is a fun exhibition that is impressive.

Please take a look at the Specter Museum from 01 to 04.

You can get youkai like Pokemon GO!

It’s so popular with children.